I am grateful to have spent a small part of my life with Shelley. She is the kind of person who touches you for life as a result of her unique vibrancy. She and I shared mutual sports endeavors and it is where I came to know her. Our time playing basketball stands out most vividly in my mind. I recall Shelley’s court presence as tenacious, scrappy, unrelenting and instinctive. Her court size was much larger than her small frame; a shocking and annoying reality felt by many who played against her (including her own teammates during practice!). She was a fierce defender, either in your face or intercepting from afar, and she never seemed to go away! Not one to back down, I loved how Shelley did not take her or our team’s shortcomings in athleticism as a burden. Instead, I recall her taking on opposing teams and match-ups with a special readiness: aka laughter and a, “Lets at least give them hell!” attitude. As you could imagine her presence was one of a leader. Like a good leader, she expected persistence and accountability from her teammates and gave the same wholeheartedly. She readily assisted and guided those that needed a helping hand. Her communication was straightforward, sometimes harsh, but never felt malicious. She was fun-loving and we had many days of smiles, joking, and laughter amongst the hard work and competitiveness. While this is my memory of her court presence it is also my memory of her off the court. What a tremendous and unforgettable soul!