I first knew Shelley as one of my daughter’s friends in school as they were growing up.  In high school, she and Ethan seemed so sweet together.  After she married Eric and had children, we had the added connection through her children.  Isabel took dance classes from me and I saw Shelley often.  I knew that she was struggling with some issues during that time but to me personally, she was still always pleasant and kind.  She often asked about my family.  She loved her children so much; that was very clear.

At Cloud 9 Dance Studio we had spring recitals every year.  Although in the grand scheme of things they were not huge productions, they were a lot of work for me as the director.  Shelley understood this and was always supportive and appreciative.  She’d check in with me sometimes before or after class.  So many people took for granted the amount of time and energy I spent outside the studio to make it happen but not Shelley.  She expressed her appreciation and usually made sure that Isabel had flowers for me at the recital.  

Shelley was such a kind and loving soul.  She is missed but not forgotten.  Much love to you, Shelley!